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Asian food is classified generally into different categories based upon regional cooking style, culture followed and people. Few main Asian food categories are South Asian, East Asian, Central Asian, South East Asian and Middle Asian. Asian food is also termed as Asian cuisine primarily tends to include South East and Southern Asian cuisines. The countries that dominate in culinary practice in the region include India, Japan, China, Malaysia, Korea, Burma, Thailand and Vietnam, etc.

Chinese food

Cuisine from China is considered as East Asian food with rice being the main staple food. Noodles also are a hot favorite out here and have become the symbol of Chinese cuisine all over the world. You can get delicious asian food Arlington that is affordable and also very tasty. Most foods here are prepared by cooking or mincing. They are generally cooked using very less oil and in a wok. There are traditionally eight main cuisines regionally prepared in China. They are Cantonese, Anhui, Hunan, Fujian, Shandong, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Sichuan. However, the three distinctive regional cuisines are Cantonese which is associated with vegetable and flavorful meat combinations, Shanghainese, which is associated with spicy hot, chili pepper flavoring and Mandarin characterized by bread dumplings and steamed noodles.

At Fusion Taste, you can get to taste authentic Chinese food, something you never have got before. You are sure to love each and every bite of the food that you have as it is prepared using only organic ingredients. You can also proudly bring your family to our restaurant to provide them with a surprise treat.

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